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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

a new leaf

Same thing I wrote in my livejournal.

Well,I think my settlement into the life of a student has finally gelled, molded, whatever you want to call it. I was feeling a tiny bit unsure there for a minute, and doubting my abilities, life, etc. Now I feel more comfortable, adjusted to being very very poor, and content with the situation I am in. Wierd, I was trying to figure out what my problem was there for a minute. I begin the new year feeling truly happy, but taking time to get to know who this happy person is. That's actually pretty difficult. I had to question every friendship/relationship etc. that I have.
My friends, for the time being, I am very comfortable with my life.Now I can work on things, and have some new goals to stride towards.
* Continue to do well in school, and stay motivated.
* Focus on Jitney, and challenging myself to stretch my vocal style, and continue in this really awesome new direction we're heading in.Performances soon my friends, performances soon.
* Begin writing and composing for my solo side project that has been sitting in my head molding for the past year and a half or so. I think I'm at the point in my life where I can finally make that happen. Me + Folk music = my new project.
* Begin volunteering in some facet of helping the mentally disabled, I need experience and need to see what avenue I want to take my career into (music therapy)
* Buy a full keyboard digital piano
* Quit smoking
* Start a Kenny Loggins cover band
* Travel
* Start a relationship with Howard University, so I can get in, when I apply next year
* Read 1 non school book a week
* Lose weight in a healthy way
* Train Junebugg to jump thru a hula hoop
* Learn how to be a better friend, stop the charade, and be real, honest, and sincere 100% of the time.
These are my goals for 2006.


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