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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wierd night last night

Last night my heart felt a little heavy, and I got my feelings hurt really bad. I have to brush it all aside, 'cause it's really not all that bad. Sometimes i have to take a breath, and just let things be, omit the negative and the drama, 'cause I honestly just don't have room for it, and in reality, I have a lot of love surrounding me. Alot. I'm really thankful for that, no matter where I am I have a whole lot of love.
So hurt feelings aside and a pedicure and journey to Narnia later, my mother and I find ourselves at a bar near her house around midnight or so. It was so awesome, 'cause I got to drink blueberry beer, and mom and I got into talking shit, and it felt really good, 'cause talking shit always ends up being really productive, like she always has a really positive solution, or she'll manage to make you feel really good about yourself and your strengths, I mean she and I have our moments, but she truly is one of my greatest friends. Maybe it's that whole unconditional love thing. I dunno.
We had a good time.

I was riddled with very strange dreams all night though, a nightmare really. I dreamed about Junebugg, and all sorts of people that have been in my life over the years, and the end of the dream was just downright disturbing.

It's all good today though, Amy is coming over later, and I think baking cookies might be in the cards tonight. Could be a disaster, 'cause it is no secret that this girl cannot bake. Amy however is good at such things, as is my mother, so maybe their strengths will over power my weakness.
We shall see, they'll make a baker out of me yet.

It's almost christmas.
That's exciting.



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