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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm back online

I changed the format of my blog.
maybe one day i'll make up my mind and commit to something.
So here I am in the ATL, and have access to a computer 24/7 for a whole week.
Thas crazy.
I was also just informed that it is 9 degrees in Chicago.
Ha ha suckers.
It's 40 degrees right now at 2 am in the ATL.
I am satisfied with that.
My laundry is rumbling in the washing machine.
I am well fed, and there is beer in the fridge.
The christmas tree is lit and decorated.
My mom put the ashtray out on the balcony for me.
I have full access to a car.
The showerhead is firmly attached to a pipe, and has the best water pressure ever.
That might be the best part actually.
I'm home?
It's strange, 'cause I don't know I'm rarely home, but it's not really home anymore, this isn't the house I grew up in, I'm only surrounded by the things I grew up with.
That's quite comforting though.
I am on my own schedule for the next week, I can wake up when I want to, do what I want, and feel completely relaxed and at ease. There is peace and quiet, 'cause it's just me and momma.
This is exactly what I needed.

So, I hate airplanes.
Sometimes I think they were invented just to spite me, airports as well. All irritants in my little world. My ears never pop right, I have to take all kinds of medicine so I don't throw up, the flight attendant is a bitch. It's rare that an airplane ride ever goes my way, and of course I take at least 2 days to recover from the flight.
That is so lame.
I had to go through an in depth bag search 'cause there was a lighter in my purse that I didn't even know about. the dude put my purse on this flat metal surface, so all could see my packages of tampons, maxi pads, various make up items, personal stuff etc. It's truly humbling.
All for a stupid lighter, that I had no idea even existed.
I was annoyed.
Well at least I wasn't at O'Hare.
Ha. It's 9 degrees in Chicago.
I'm so glad I'm not there right now.
Why do I live in the midwest?

Seriously why?
Oh the things we do for love.



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