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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I can't baleed this...

Last night I stayed over at Amy's house out in Stone mountain, we decided this morning that we would go get breakfast at the waffle house by her place.

So we're eating our eggs and bacon, and the song 'Hey Ya' comes on the jukebox, the waitress mentions to the table behind us that the singer of the song is sitting at the counter.
I'm like "WHAT?" and turn around and what do you know there's andre 3000 wearing a flannel lumberjack shirt and a kangol.
Amy and I get to giggling, I mean seriously. At a waffle house. Crazy. in stone mountain. Crazier.
I decide that I need to smoke a cigarette and step outside and give Bradley a call, 'cause I wanted to see how he was doing with the whole Ny transit strike thing, find out he has to walk 60 freaking blocks to work, and we're all flipping out on the phone over andre 3000, so I'm about to go inside, and who do I run right into???? who???? but andre 3000, he was all polite, he's like 'I'm so sorry' and then holds the door open for me, so I'm all like "Thank you so much" I'm all smiles man, then I'm like ' I really love your music, it's truly amazing, I've been listening for a long time, thank you for it' and I'm looking in his eyes, and they are so sincere and warm, and he gives me the most sincere "Thank you' then we stared at each other for a little bit, and I go back inside.

WOOOOHOOOOO! IT WAS SOOOO COOL!!!!!! I mean I wasn't going to go talk to him earlier, 'cause I mean he obviously just wanted to eat breakfast with his son in waffle house. His son was adorable by the way. But I got to anyway. Yeah eh eh eh eh eh.

So today in history.

The historic moment when the Snokilla met Andre 3000, and no the snokilla was not wearing gold lame or stilettos, she was wearing black yoga pants, a yellow gucci shirt and a bandanna over her head with no makeup and very chapped lips, talkin to her friend Brad on the phone.
I really wish I had a jitney cd at that moment, 'cause you know he would of listened to it.

Sorry boys.

Now I'm off to Van Michael Salon to get my hair cut. I'm excited.
ATL holla.


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