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Friday, December 23, 2005

all better

So tonight, made up for last night.
My boyz = love.
So okay, my mom is probably pissed that I had the car until 4 am, but I couldn't help it, I was with my babies, and they didn't even want me to go home, they wanted me to stay at the new house, but I knew my mother would kick my ass if I did, mainly 'cause I have her car, which is probably all for the best, 'cause me staying over there would probly not been the best. ANYWAY
Am I a bit tipsy right now? yes!
That's only because I had a beer when I got home.
Is this home? I don't know anymore.
I have all these pictures of my dog with me.
I miss my dog so much, it's kind of freaking me out. I had a dream about her last night.
I want to see my dog.

So there was this girl at the bar tonight, and she was WASTED, it was actually kind of awful to watch, Jamie and I both were like oh shit, first she fell really hard like knocking over several chairs and almost a whole table, then she'd make out with this irish dude, and then these dudes from georgia tech claimed to know her, and they're all like 'oh she's all right', and we're like. Jesus mf christ. no she's not, then she'd puke somewhere, leave the bar come back, fall over again. I mean it was sad. then she tried to start a fight with me and Jamie, and we're like Noooooo, I don't know. That bitch was crazy. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone that publicly drunk before. I just hope she ends up okay tonight. I mean hot damn. I hope her friends or whatever, are making sure she gets home. She was like beyond wasted.

Anyway, we made a tower of PBR. That was fun.
Then we knocked it over.

I baked cookies earlier with my mom and AMy, they turned out very very good. I was very proud, I am not known for my baking skills, chocolate chip and sugar. I was with two experts though, that probably helped. Lord knows, the snokilla can't back.

Also, nicknames came up tonight, mainly my oldone from highschool, the Heffa, I told them my new one. The Snokilla. Jamie is all like, is that 'cause you hate white people so much? and I thought I was going to fall off my chair and join the ranks of drunk crazy girl, 'cause that shit was hilarious.
My life is awesome.
Yeah, I think I'm just drunk.
But yeah. who knew?



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