Don't mess with the Neiman Marxist

Friday, December 23, 2005

Things that end with the letter a

these following things:

chick fil a

these things have made me happy today.
Tonight I go out to east atlanta to see my friends band play.

all better

So tonight, made up for last night.
My boyz = love.
So okay, my mom is probably pissed that I had the car until 4 am, but I couldn't help it, I was with my babies, and they didn't even want me to go home, they wanted me to stay at the new house, but I knew my mother would kick my ass if I did, mainly 'cause I have her car, which is probably all for the best, 'cause me staying over there would probly not been the best. ANYWAY
Am I a bit tipsy right now? yes!
That's only because I had a beer when I got home.
Is this home? I don't know anymore.
I have all these pictures of my dog with me.
I miss my dog so much, it's kind of freaking me out. I had a dream about her last night.
I want to see my dog.

So there was this girl at the bar tonight, and she was WASTED, it was actually kind of awful to watch, Jamie and I both were like oh shit, first she fell really hard like knocking over several chairs and almost a whole table, then she'd make out with this irish dude, and then these dudes from georgia tech claimed to know her, and they're all like 'oh she's all right', and we're like. Jesus mf christ. no she's not, then she'd puke somewhere, leave the bar come back, fall over again. I mean it was sad. then she tried to start a fight with me and Jamie, and we're like Noooooo, I don't know. That bitch was crazy. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone that publicly drunk before. I just hope she ends up okay tonight. I mean hot damn. I hope her friends or whatever, are making sure she gets home. She was like beyond wasted.

Anyway, we made a tower of PBR. That was fun.
Then we knocked it over.

I baked cookies earlier with my mom and AMy, they turned out very very good. I was very proud, I am not known for my baking skills, chocolate chip and sugar. I was with two experts though, that probably helped. Lord knows, the snokilla can't back.

Also, nicknames came up tonight, mainly my oldone from highschool, the Heffa, I told them my new one. The Snokilla. Jamie is all like, is that 'cause you hate white people so much? and I thought I was going to fall off my chair and join the ranks of drunk crazy girl, 'cause that shit was hilarious.
My life is awesome.
Yeah, I think I'm just drunk.
But yeah. who knew?


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wierd night last night

Last night my heart felt a little heavy, and I got my feelings hurt really bad. I have to brush it all aside, 'cause it's really not all that bad. Sometimes i have to take a breath, and just let things be, omit the negative and the drama, 'cause I honestly just don't have room for it, and in reality, I have a lot of love surrounding me. Alot. I'm really thankful for that, no matter where I am I have a whole lot of love.
So hurt feelings aside and a pedicure and journey to Narnia later, my mother and I find ourselves at a bar near her house around midnight or so. It was so awesome, 'cause I got to drink blueberry beer, and mom and I got into talking shit, and it felt really good, 'cause talking shit always ends up being really productive, like she always has a really positive solution, or she'll manage to make you feel really good about yourself and your strengths, I mean she and I have our moments, but she truly is one of my greatest friends. Maybe it's that whole unconditional love thing. I dunno.
We had a good time.

I was riddled with very strange dreams all night though, a nightmare really. I dreamed about Junebugg, and all sorts of people that have been in my life over the years, and the end of the dream was just downright disturbing.

It's all good today though, Amy is coming over later, and I think baking cookies might be in the cards tonight. Could be a disaster, 'cause it is no secret that this girl cannot bake. Amy however is good at such things, as is my mother, so maybe their strengths will over power my weakness.
We shall see, they'll make a baker out of me yet.

It's almost christmas.
That's exciting.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I can't baleed this...

Last night I stayed over at Amy's house out in Stone mountain, we decided this morning that we would go get breakfast at the waffle house by her place.

So we're eating our eggs and bacon, and the song 'Hey Ya' comes on the jukebox, the waitress mentions to the table behind us that the singer of the song is sitting at the counter.
I'm like "WHAT?" and turn around and what do you know there's andre 3000 wearing a flannel lumberjack shirt and a kangol.
Amy and I get to giggling, I mean seriously. At a waffle house. Crazy. in stone mountain. Crazier.
I decide that I need to smoke a cigarette and step outside and give Bradley a call, 'cause I wanted to see how he was doing with the whole Ny transit strike thing, find out he has to walk 60 freaking blocks to work, and we're all flipping out on the phone over andre 3000, so I'm about to go inside, and who do I run right into???? who???? but andre 3000, he was all polite, he's like 'I'm so sorry' and then holds the door open for me, so I'm all like "Thank you so much" I'm all smiles man, then I'm like ' I really love your music, it's truly amazing, I've been listening for a long time, thank you for it' and I'm looking in his eyes, and they are so sincere and warm, and he gives me the most sincere "Thank you' then we stared at each other for a little bit, and I go back inside.

WOOOOHOOOOO! IT WAS SOOOO COOL!!!!!! I mean I wasn't going to go talk to him earlier, 'cause I mean he obviously just wanted to eat breakfast with his son in waffle house. His son was adorable by the way. But I got to anyway. Yeah eh eh eh eh eh.

So today in history.

The historic moment when the Snokilla met Andre 3000, and no the snokilla was not wearing gold lame or stilettos, she was wearing black yoga pants, a yellow gucci shirt and a bandanna over her head with no makeup and very chapped lips, talkin to her friend Brad on the phone.
I really wish I had a jitney cd at that moment, 'cause you know he would of listened to it.

Sorry boys.

Now I'm off to Van Michael Salon to get my hair cut. I'm excited.
ATL holla.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Awful movies of 2005

I just watched the movie "crash" with my mother, after making a wonderful dinner of shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta.

My mom and I yelled at the movie the entire time.
It insulted our intellegence, and was truly awful.
I mean seriously.
What a dumb movie.


I feel really disgusting now for even watching that movie, and so does my mom.

People of the world. 'Crash' is really bad. I don't understand that it's the same person behind 'Hustle and Flow' 'cause that was really good.


children are beautiful

Something really wonderful happened to me today.
First, a little backstory.
I have a best friend, someone who knows me better then anyone else. We've been friends since we were 5 years old. Her name is Amy. I shouldn't just say we've been friends since we were 5, we've been best friends since then, and we've always made a point of it. We talk on the phone as much as we can, and we've always led very different lives, but the bond. I can't really describe it.

It's like a lifelong commitment, that we both honor and cherish, and it's really beautiful.
So amy. She has this daughter.
and well Jade is one of the most amazing people I know, she's the first child I've ever known that I truly love. I mean when I first met her, when she was a few months old, we've had a special bond, and it's very important to me. I take my role as godmother very seriously, and it's truly a pleasure watching her grow up. She's just amazing.
I try to see her as much as possible, I really can only get to Atlanta like 2 or 3 times a year, but I always try to make it for her birthday, Christmas, and sometime around summer. It's very very important to me that she feels that I hold her as a very important and loved person, and that I support her, and am there for her.
She's 4.
So today, I dropped my mom off at work and headed towards stone mountain to see Amy and her husbands new house, and of course to see Jade.

I knocked on the door upon my arrival, and she answered it. All I know is that when she saw it was me, her eyes lit up, and she screamed MELISSA, and gave me the biggest hug, and she didn't want to stop hugging me or sitting in my lap. There was so much love, I wanted to laugh and cry all at once. We sang songs, and tap danced, and ran around, and she showed me all of her new stuff, and her new Strawberry Shortcake room.

There was so much love.

I mean. I don't know.

I think it might be one of the most wonderful moments in my life so far, the love of a child is so sweet and pure and beautiful. You can't help but feel warm all over, and I don't know. I just don't know. This amazing child is the product of my best friend, a truly amazing woman, I just don't know.

I just feel good.

I love children.

I also love my mother, and the grocery store by her house, that had raw deveined shrimp for $5 a pound, which gave us quite an amazing dinner, beautiful fresh, buttery shrimp.

Yes. Bliss.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm back online

I changed the format of my blog.
maybe one day i'll make up my mind and commit to something.
So here I am in the ATL, and have access to a computer 24/7 for a whole week.
Thas crazy.
I was also just informed that it is 9 degrees in Chicago.
Ha ha suckers.
It's 40 degrees right now at 2 am in the ATL.
I am satisfied with that.
My laundry is rumbling in the washing machine.
I am well fed, and there is beer in the fridge.
The christmas tree is lit and decorated.
My mom put the ashtray out on the balcony for me.
I have full access to a car.
The showerhead is firmly attached to a pipe, and has the best water pressure ever.
That might be the best part actually.
I'm home?
It's strange, 'cause I don't know I'm rarely home, but it's not really home anymore, this isn't the house I grew up in, I'm only surrounded by the things I grew up with.
That's quite comforting though.
I am on my own schedule for the next week, I can wake up when I want to, do what I want, and feel completely relaxed and at ease. There is peace and quiet, 'cause it's just me and momma.
This is exactly what I needed.

So, I hate airplanes.
Sometimes I think they were invented just to spite me, airports as well. All irritants in my little world. My ears never pop right, I have to take all kinds of medicine so I don't throw up, the flight attendant is a bitch. It's rare that an airplane ride ever goes my way, and of course I take at least 2 days to recover from the flight.
That is so lame.
I had to go through an in depth bag search 'cause there was a lighter in my purse that I didn't even know about. the dude put my purse on this flat metal surface, so all could see my packages of tampons, maxi pads, various make up items, personal stuff etc. It's truly humbling.
All for a stupid lighter, that I had no idea even existed.
I was annoyed.
Well at least I wasn't at O'Hare.
Ha. It's 9 degrees in Chicago.
I'm so glad I'm not there right now.
Why do I live in the midwest?

Seriously why?
Oh the things we do for love.