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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm so hungry

and i look thinner.
This is acceptable.
I'm not depriving myself of anything really, in fact I've been cooking with lots of sweet cream butter, I made a freaking ham with collard greens last night for christs sake. I love to eat, but I guess my body likes to decrease when it doesn't wake up at 7am anymore, and eat snacky bad stuff throughout the day, complete with fatty chinese food and mexican food lunches, or heaven forbid pizza and pasta.

I need a job. I've been officially unemployed for 2 weeks now. The money is going to run out eventually, but my rent is paid, and the goverment pays for my food.
All acceptable.

I keep sending out resumes, and looking at job postings, nothing looks appealing, I'm thinking I might be happiest working shit jobs, I haven't allowed myself to think down that road since I was like 15, and even then I thought, 'what will make me the most money' maybe I should make up for all the shitty jobs I should of had when I was 19-22. I mean I've been working in offices since I was 19 with short stints working in restaurants.
I'm tired of the suit, or business casual really.
I have no clue what I'm going to do, it's kind of cool not knowing. For once, I can relax a little bit. I've been so uptight for so long.
relax melissa relax.


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