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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I have to take things like excel test

So officially today, I've been unemployed for one whole month, and living comfortably the whole time. Strange isn't it? I've never been in this predicament before, and to be honest, I really like it, and to be honest again, I don't want to work full time again until I'm done with school. Crazy. I've never really thought like that before, even when I was 18 and working in a pizza parlor it was mainly full time, and then I'd like get a second or 3rd job. I like to keep busy. And now, I have all this time on my hands. I don't feel so uptight anymore, and I'm losing weight, I looked at my tummy this morning and it was flat. My tummy hasn't been flat in the morning in a very very long time.
Love it.
So I'm gonna be temping until january, to make ends meet and buy christmas presents, and today I have to take an excel test, to prove that I know the program. Fun isn't it? Afterwards I plan to go to Harold Washington and enroll in school. Yes. School. It's been almost 5 years. Insane. I'm still stuck in quite a bit of depression, and it's the first snow today, which almost made me throw up this morning, but if I can just keep going each day, it might all be okay.
I hope so.
Old friends also keep reappearing, like the really good old friends, the ones that have meant the most. I find this all very interesting.
I'm suppossed to meet one for drinks this weekend, as she will be in town, she's a newscaster now. Like she does the evening news! Crazy huh? Our birthdays are 2 days apart, and it has been 10 years since we've seen each other.
Okay. excel test I'm coming.


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