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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's not all so bad

Well I was sad yesterday because Amy left.
I had such a good weekend, because she was here, I felt gently lifted out of my depression.
It's a wonder what the power of a friendship can do.

I felt like creating things for the first time in a long time as I was taking the train home, listening to joy division, my brain was going crazy with different ideas. I'ts about damn time.

This week can't be all that bad.

I arrived at work this morning, and found that I won a free lunch from my favorite restaurant Ignotz's!! Also my office had such a good month of sales in August, everyone in the company received a cash bonus of $100.
Crazy huh?

Maybe this is a sign, that I should do good things for others all the time, 'cause it is rewarded, I bought Amy a plane ticket so she could escape her hectic life for a weekend, I felt just having her around was the reward, but it's nice when other nice things happen.

Also, i believe the passion has returned to my body a little bit.

Jitney = hothouse and porn.
p o r n
I absolutely love porn!


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