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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I have too much web presence

What in the world?
Why do I belong to all of these freaking internet thingamajigs. I need to cut back, inbetween this, livejournal, friendster, myspace, easyjournal. I have too many.
It's true.
this will be my secret blog?
What should I focus on?
So Paul and I have been discussing and by discussing, I mean it's been mentioned maybe twice, of starting something together just me and him happy couple buttercups musical project. I'm all about this, as I'm into him and Nate DJing, and well it would be nice to explore my musical boundaries apart from Jitney, yet feel comfortable and not have to learn new peoples music styles etc. etc. etc. I feel like Nate and Paul have their extra specialties, and all I can really do is sing, and act ridiculous on stage.
Not all bad.
So I'm going to learn an instrument.
What instrument should I learn?
bass? drums? guitar? tuba? cello?
You know ever since I was 9 I really wanted to play the cello, and I never told ANYONE except my mother, and she was like CELLO? NO. So instead I played the flute. sigh.
I want my cello now.
So maybe that will be the instrument. I'll start with bass, then move onto cello?
That could be very interesting I do believe.
I could wear flowy outfits and hats, and master the cello.


Blogger Dow Jones said...

Best. Blog name. Ever.

9:33 AM

Blogger snokilla said...

ha ha ha.
I got too many of these dang blogs.

8:06 AM


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